Monaghan was left as a county of lakes and drumlins after the last ice-age. With many small lakes, fishing is excellent. This section of the site contains resources for fishing in Monaghan, if you feel that any material is inaccurate or missing, please mail us at

  • Monaghan-Outdoors National Lakes and Rivers Online Database
    We are boasting the Countries first fully interactive National Lakes and Rivers Internet database. This system was designed by us to allow you to add information about lakes and rivers over the internet and to allow anyone, anywhere in the world to search for and view the information you have contributed. As more and more people contribute information to the database, more and more information is available to fishermen anywhere in the world, so if you feel you could add information about a lake or a river or want to view information on a lake or river, please check out this part of the web page. We have implemented advanced search options whereby you can search for all lakes or rivers in particular counties and/or containing particular fish!
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  • Rogue Gallery
    This page contains a gallery of some our finest photos, contributed by the local angling community. The real Rogues Gallery is on the Walls of venture sports.
  • Angling notes (Weekly archives)
    Each week, a series of angling notes are compiled for the general publics pleasure. This page contains all those notes over a long period of time.
  • Fishing Clubs
    Several local clubs use the Monaghan-Outdoors clubzone, to enter the clubzone click here.
  • Local Fishing License & Season Information
    Here you may find uptodate information regarding the various fishing licenses and permits required to fish in the Monaghan area, along general season information.
  • Fishing Links
    A list of links to other fishing web pages. For further details click here.
  • Purchase Your Shannon Licence Online
    If you are planning a trip to the shannon region, you can now purchase your licence online. For further details click here.
  • Latest News From The Shannon
    Newsfeed content from the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board. For further details click here.
  • Public Notices
    The public notice page allows you to add and view public notices under various categories.For further details click here.
  • Buy/Sell/Hire Information (Second hand Trader)
    The second-hand trader page allows you to view and list second hand good related to the outdoors.